Training & Education

Business Addiction and Recovery Workshop

Our 60-minute presentation provides a business’s employees with education and awareness that focuses on addiction, recovery, and resources in Madison County and the outlying area. It is designed to educate and equip the employees with basic knowledge and know-how about addiction and recovery.

If you would like to schedule a workshop for your employees to become more educated about addiction and recovery in the Madison County area, please call 618-780-4843 or email us at [email protected].

Community Meetings

Our Communty Meetings are a candid conversation held twice a year with everyday people from the community discussing mental health, addiction, resources in the area, and what we can do as a community (together) to help Madison County get healthier and safer. Our next Community Meeting is still to be determined.

Madison County Informed

Madison County Informed is a social media video series, hosted by Nate Kamp and Ty A. Bechel, and produced by Whole Street Productions that provides education, resources, and awareness to Madison County on topics like substance abuse, suicide, mental health, nutrition, and much more with inviting community leaders and unsung heroes as guests.

Madison County Informed Pilot Episode 2
Madison County Informed Pilot Episode
Madison County Informed Bloopers