Amare, NFP

Amare is a recovery community organization (RCO) that provides recovery support services to the Illinois Riverbend and Metro-East.

Our Mission

We will educate, empower, and provide compassionate recovery support services for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and their families to strive toward the overall wellness and stability of our community.

focus on Personalized Recovery Plans

Making a big change like putting down drugs and alcohol and giving recovery a try can be frightening and sometimes difficult. Families are not always sure what direction to turn, and through our trained, recovery coaches and staff, we will work with you to tailor a personalized recovery plan. Some recovery journeys may be different and needs change as we grow, so our coaches work with you through this perpetual change to determine what goals you want to work on like getting your license reinstated, finding employment, finding housing, and much more. At Amare we focus on life domains that every person needs to fulfill their purpose and live a healthy, sustainable life.

  • It is your recovery plan, we just help you through your journey.

  • Your assigned coach isn’t there to tell you what to do, but to provide support and help you make the decisions you want.

  • Everyone deserves health, happiness, and stability. Amare helps you get there.

Amare’s Vision & Promise

1. Recovery Support Services, 2. Education & Awareness, 3. Communal Support, and 4. Advocacy

Amare will lead in broadening awareness, responsibility, accountability, and the well-being for communities county-wide. Volunteers, employees, and board members will work together with individuals and their environments. We will consult, encourage, and provide extended programs and services as an integral part of an open and quality-based organization.

Amare’s promise is to the individuals, families, and communities we serve. We promise to assist however we can to help improve lives and treat everyone fair and with kindness. Addiction takes it toll on everyone involved, and we want those we serve to know that their is hope and a better tomorrow.



Our participants, or peers as we like to call them, is the entire reason we are in existence and provide services to help them and their families recover and find health and happiness.

“The services I receive from Amare and my recovery coach are life-changing. Amare has provided me with tools and outside support tailored to my needs to help me successfully remain in recovery and work on myself.”


“Recovery coaching has helped me focus on today and staying in the moment. Amare’s services and my recovery coach has helped me focus on my part and how important the little things are.”

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