Other Types of Resources

We need more than just stopping the use of drugs and/or alcohol for sustainability in our daily lives. There is shelter, food, and much more we need for overall security and health. Our staff is trained is assessing what social determinants you need met and when you need them met.

  • Financial Assistance for Sober Living

  • Rental Assistance

  • Utility Assistance

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Food Assistance

8 Dimensions of Wellness

When we think about our overall health, there are different areas in our life that need attention or areas we desire to focus on. We may want to go back to school after changing our life and discovering recovery. We may want to start eating healthier and go to a gym weekly. Whatever the focus, the 8 Dimensions of Wellness help break down areas in your life you may want to improve.

Specific Resources

Riverbend Family Ministries – crisis services
Community Hope Center – spiritual support and food pantry
Lincoln Legal Aid – legal services
Oasis Center – women’s shelter
Madison County Veterans’ Assistance Commission – veteran services

8 Dimensions of Wellness


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