Treatment Centers

Treatment centers will offer many different service from detox/medical stabilization to medical assisted treatment (MAT). Finding what clinical services you or a loved one may need can be confusing and challenging. Luckily, our recovery staff can help walk you through what you may need and help with the referral process for a successful warm handoff.

  • Centerstone

  • Chestnut Health Systems

  • Gateway Foundation

  • New Vision (medical stabilization)

  • Rosecrance

  • Touchette Hospital (medical stabilization )

Explanation of treatment options

There are many options you or a loved one can choose for treatment. The standard process is to look into detox/medical stabilization then a 28-day residential program that is inpatient, meaning you or your loved one will stay at a facility without leaving. Most of treatment will depend on what insurance you have and there are sometimes programs that assist in admission if you do not have insurance. If someone is addicted to opiates (e.g., vicodin, heroin, fentanyl, etc.) an option is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT); there are 28-day shots or daily films/tablets you can take that curb cravings and allows you to interact with daily living.

Types of Clinical Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment(MAT)
Detox/Medical Stabilization
Intensive Outpatient

Types of Medication used for MAT


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